Civic Activities

Civic Activities

Serving our communities is a founding principle of Huitt-Zollars. As citizens, we care about our communities’ needs and are committed to meeting them through local educational, professional and philanthropic opportunities. We also enjoy serving as officers of civic and professional societies in the area. By doing this, we understand the pulse of our communities, and can find ways to individually and corporately do our part.

Community Involvement
We encourage team members to participate in local events sponsored by municipalities, economic development organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and other organizations. Our employees are active in art and cultural groups, and zoning and city council meetings.


Support of Academic Institutions
Huitt-Zollars has endowed scholarships at Texas A&M University and Southern Methodist University, the alma maters of Huitt and Zollars respectively. In addition, Huitt-Zollars has established endowed scholarships at the following universities: University of California in Irvine; California State Polytechnic University in Pomona; University of Texas at El Paso; University of Texas at Arlington; University of New Mexico; University of Houston; and Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. In recognition of participation in the building fund for SMU’s Embrey Engineering Building dedicated in September 2006, the firm was honored with the naming of the Huitt-Zollars Pavilion. The honor included a six-foot painting commissioned from renowned impressionist Kent Wallis depicting the firm’s work in establishing the City of Dallas’ DART transit system.

Charitable Support
Support of numerous charitable organizations includes fund raising, temporary “loaning” of staff, and donations. Organizations include the American Cancer Society, Bryan's House, American Diabetes Association, Junior Achievement, and the Museum of Art.

Improved Quality of Life through Projects
Individuals choose to enter the engineering and architecture professions with a desire to do work that matters. This desire is evident in the projects that span cities and counties across the nation.