Student Internships

Student Internships

Huitt-Zollars offers internship opportunities through universities located throughout the United States. Often these internships are through institutions that have established relationships with our offices; however, we welcome requests made directly by students from anywhere in the country.

We have a long-standing practice of working with students, like you, to develop opportunities that offer exposure to the consulting industry, mentorship from senior professionals, training in current software applications, and other skills needed in our industry. 

Gain insight into Huitt-Zollars’ internship opportunities — Hear from some of our student summer interns and senior staff members as they share about their experience.

Our internships can be structured for a summer, a semester, or throughout a college career, and often culminate into a full-time employment offer upon graduation. We provide a competitive hourly wage and an excellent working environment. 

As a student, you can inquire about internships through your school’s career development center or by simply searching for opportunities and submitting your resume’ via the Employment Opportunities page.